La rendición de Granada (Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz)
Cantigas de Santa María
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The Iberian Association of Military History (IV-XVI centuries) was founded in 2015 by a group of Spanish and Portuguese researchers with the aim of giving an academic response to the growing interest in medieval military history in our countries. The main objective of the AIHM is to promote rigorous scientific knowledge of all aspects of the historical reality related to the world of medieval warfare on the Iberian Peninsula. To achieve this aim, and to disseminate the research conducted on these subjects on the Iberian Peninsula, the AIHM has created the journal e-Strategica, which is edited annually online and publishes scientific, heuristic or historiographic articles on these subjects. The purpose of the journal is to deepen and intensify the knowledge on medieval military history, mainly that of the Iberian Peninsula, although it is also open to the publication of studies on other geopolitical contexts. Its pages host a broad range of themes related to medieval warfare: studies on strategy and tactics, on the organization and composition of armies, on logistics and financing, on armament and military technology, on fortifications, on naval forces, on ideology and war culture, on historiography, sources and iconography, or any other aspect that allows us to increase our knowledge about one subject – the war – that was crucial in the life of the medieval societies and in the creation of the Iberian kingdoms.


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Miguel Gomes Martins (Instituto de Estudos Medievais – Universidade Nova de Lisboa)


Martín Alvira Cabrer (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)

João Rafael Nisa (CHSC, Universidade de Coimbra)

Editorial board

Martín Alvira Cabrer (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)

Nicolás Agrait (Long Island University)

Carlos de Ayala Martínez (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid)

Mário Jorge Barroca (Universidade do Porto)

João Gouveia Monteiro (Universidade de Coimbra)

Philippe Josserand (Nantes Université)

Carla Margarida Rosa (Universidade de Coimbra)

Alexandre Sousa Pinto

José Varandas (Universidade de Lisboa)

Kurt Villads Jensen (Universidad de Estocolmo)