Number 1

Revenge in the Conflict of Galician Nobility in the Late Fifteenth Century. Clashes between Sotomayor and Eccesiastical Lords (1474-1486)
Lorena M. Carrasco y Cifuentes

Neurobalistic propulsion weapons and firearms in the first phase of the Portuguese expansion in Morocco (1415-1458)
Vitor Luís Gaspar Rodrigues

The Italian model of construction in the South of Portugal (16th Century): The case of the Castle of Vila Viçosa
Ana Teresa de Sousa

The Battle of Alcácer Quibir revisited
Luís Filipe Guerreiro da Costa e Sousa

The order of the factors doesalter the product. The use of primary sources in the construction of the Battle of Crécy by English historians, 1885-2015
José Francisco Vera Pizaña

Dossier: Prisoners of War in Medieval Iberia, Southern France and Denmark

Introduction: Prisoners of War in Medieval Iberia, Southern France and Denmark
João Gouveia Monteiro

Captives in Mediaeval Spain: The Castilian-Leonese and Muslim Experience (XI – XIII Centuries)
Francisco García Fitz

Among Christians and Muslims: An Approach to the Captivity in the Frontier between the Kingdom of Castille and the Emirate of Granada (XIV- XV Centuries)
Fernando Tinoco Díaz

Prisoners of War in Portugal (Twelfth to Mid Fourteenth Century)
Miguel Gomes Martins

Prisoners of War in Portugal, c. 1350-1450
João Gouveia Monteiro

Prisoners of War in the Albigensian Crusade, 1209-1229
Martín Alvira

Prisoners of war in the Baltic in the XII-XIII centuries
Kurt Villads Jensen